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Thank you  for your interest in NMF sponsorship.  To be eligible, teams evaluate NMF and share their results in a review on Amazon.com. Here is some detailed information:  http://GoNMF.com/sponsorship.pdf (a PDF will open).

If your team would like to evaluate NMF for this purpose, you can call us at 844-763-7250 and get a 16oz bottle of NMF for free plus $10 shipping.  We especially encourage before-and-after measurements of vibration and heat (engine, tranny, diff, etc.).   If you’re impressed with the performance of NMF please write an honest review of your findings on Amazon.com and email a screen shot of your review to sales@GoNMF.com. You are then eligible.

We want reviews to be sincere, so we do not pay money.   We provide NMF and small things such as crew chief storage clipboard, hats, patches, and decals.

Please call any time.   I look forward to supporting you in cool, low-maintenance racing! 

Joe Lehnerd
Lieutenant Colonel (retired), U.S. Air Force
Owner, GoNMF

Phone: 844-763-7250


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