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Third Party Independent Laboratory Testing of NMF

ASTM D4172 Four Ball Test with Friction Co-efficient 

ASTM D4172 is the internationally-recognized standard measure of a lubricant's friction reduction performance.  

Three metal balls are clamped together and covered with the test lubricant while a rotating fourth ball is pressed against them in sliding contact. This contact produces a wear scar which is measured and recorded. The smaller the average wear scar, the better the wear protection provided by the lubricant.

Shell Rotella T 15W40 is a motor oil popular among truckers.  GoNMF contracted with Petro-Lubricant Laboratories to perform ASTM D4172 on Shell Rotella T 15W40, without and with NMF.

The below results demonstrate how NMF extends oil life and improves efficiency

This level of efficiency, which applies not just to engines but also to transmissions, drive trains, hydraulic systems, etc., is unmatched in the transportation industry. 
Fleet Managers, we would like you to choose NMF for improving efficiency.   Here is an offer:  At a laboratory of your choice conduct ASTM D4172 on the oil you use, without and with NMF.   If NMF doesn’t improve the performance of your oil by at least 10%, GoNMF will reimburse you for the cost of testing.  If NMF improves the performance of that lubricant by 10% or more, you trial run NMF in three trucks for 15,000 miles.  If NMF does not give your trucks fuel savings, GoNMF will refund your purchase price.  Please contact GoNMF prior to testing to formalize the agreement.

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