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NMF Users, 

Are you measurement minded?  If so, I'm sure you will conduct measurements to see if NMF works as advertised.  

If you will go through the trouble of reporting your findings in a video, we will be grateful. As an expression of our appreciation, we will be glad to send you a free bottle of NMF.  

Guidance is below:

1.  Always tell the truth.  Please introduce yourself, your vehicle, the kind of work the vehicle does, and the temperatures/performance factors.

2.  No need for fancy video equipment.  A steadily-held cell phone camera is fine.

3.  Record temperature and performance data on a Measurement Data Sheet.  
     a.  Before applying NMF anywhere on your truck/equipment, make note of temperatures (engine, transmission, differentials, power steering, and hubs) and performance factors such as pulling power, hydraulic power, shifting smoothness, vibration, noise, blow-by, and fuel economy.   
     b.  Apply NMF to every part of your vehicle/equipment (fuel, engine, transmission, differentials, hubs, power steering, radiator, 5th wheel grease, and hydraulics). 
     c.  Record temperature and performance data WITH NMF. 

4.  Make a video reporting your before-and-after findings.  Please send it to us through www.wetransfer.com.  Use the email address sales@GoNMF.com.

5.  Upon reception of your video, we will ship you a bottle of NMF. 

If you have any questions, 24/7 please feel free to call us.  Again, thank  you, and GoNMF!

Joe Lehnerd
Lieutenant Colonel (retired), U.S. Air Force



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