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Oil Life Extension
NMF extends the life of any conventional or synthetic lubricant.  

For example, in a semi truck using conventional oil, the change interval can be extended to 40,000 miles/64,374 km -- just change the oil filter at 15,000 miles/24,140 km and 30,000 miles/48,240 km, top off the oil as necessary, and add 1 oz NMF per quart of oil topped off.   

Extending oil usage beyond the vehicle manufacturer's recommended oil change interval should be done only in conjunction with oil analysis.  That way, you always know the status of your oil.  GoNMF has a free oil analysis program.  We encourage customers who are extending their oil to have oil analysis conducted incrementally at a laboratory which does not sell oil changes.  Please click here for details.

Fuel Savings or Money Back Guarantee (semi trucks)
With NMF, fuel efficiency will normally rise. Some truckers report receiving even a mile more per gallon.  For a fully-treated (engine, fuel, transmission, differentials, power steering, greased joints) semi truck, we offer money back if fuel efficiency does not rise.  This guarantee does not apply to non semi trucks.  Treatment to qualify for the money-back guarantee is as below.  Quantity of NMF required depends on the number of axles.

Engine: 1 oz per quart of oil / 30 ml NMF per liter 
Transmission: 16 oz / 480 ml
Differentials (each one): 12 oz / 360 ml
Power steering: 1 oz / 30 ml 
5th Wheel Grease: 1 oz / 30 ml 

With the above treatment, fuel efficiency should begin improving.  Maximum efficiency will come after NMF has cleaned the engine and fresh oil/NMF have been added.  

Drive your truck for the normal oil change interval and change your oil and filter. 

(You may notice that your oil is dirtier than normal and your filter has more sludge in it than normal. That is because NMF has cleaned your engine and suspended sludge in the engine to be removed by the filter.)

Your truck should now be clean and ready for an evaluation of fuel efficiency improvent.  
After driving 15,000 miles/24,140 km, compare your new fuel efficiency with the previous 15,000 miles/24,140 km without NMF.  If it isn't improved, 
GoNMF will refund your purchase price (offer details)

Risk-free Trial

We encourage you to do the 15,000-mile /24,140 km NMF semi truck trial. 
You will be impressed.  With our money-back guarantee, you can only win. 


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Oil Analysis
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