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Steve Underwood

Hi, this is Steve Underwood, with a heavy haul company.  I’ve got a 1995 Freightliner FLD with 514 Cummins (engine) 13-speed transmission and 358 rear end.  I’ve been doing heavy haul now for about 6 months.  I’ve been using NMF®  for about a year and a half.  First of all I’d like to talk about the diesel fuel additive.  I use it year round.  Add about 10 ounces – in the winter time 20 ounces – per side, every time I fuel, and perforance has been excellent with the way the truck starts and the way it runs.  And I haven’t had any problems with the gelling.  The truck seems to burn the fuel real clean.  I don’t have any smoke out of my stacks.  The motor is real responsive when I step on the throttle. Another thing is that I’ve been using the metal conditioner in my motor, engine, transmission, and rear end.  And I notice my turbo temperature was 100 degrees cooler.  And also my engine starts a lot quicker, turns over a lot faster, and the temperatures on my rear end are about 40 degrees cooler. Transmission is about 40 degrees cooler.  Engine temperature, oil temperature stays a lot cooler.  It doesn’t climb as much as it used to.  My water temperature doesn’t climb as quickly as it used to.  The other thing I noticed was climbing the mountains and climbing the hills with my heavy loads pulling twin towers around 116,000 pounds I’ve several times passed the clutch with 80,000 pound loads up on the mountains.  I’ve been running the mountains real well.  Get right to the top of them without having to back off the throttle.  Just put the hammer down and truck up the mountains.  Run my clutch my.  Usually about half way up quick turn my clutch fan just to be on the safe side, but the temperatures remain a lot steadier.  Fuel mileage because the product cuts friction in the drive train system, fuel mileage has been increased.  I’ve probably gained at least about a half a mile a gallon with my truck. My truck also has a 1.4 million miles on it and I’ve never rebuilt my motor.  And recently I just tore apart my transmission and had all the gaskets put in it, seals put in it, and the gears all looked real  good and so I was real happy with that.  So I’ve seen a lot of performance increase with NMF® and I think it’s a really awesome product.  I encourage anyone listening to this message to try it.  You guys have a good day.  Happy trucking to you.

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