Semi Trucks:  8% net fuel savings or your money back

NMF Ionic Friction Reducer is a versatile lubricant additive which reduces friction by removing static electricity.

NMF defrictionizes engines, transmissions, differentials, hubs, hydraulics, cooling systems, power steering, CV/U joints, compressors, small engines and other centers of friction/electrical activity. 

NMF also contains an acid scavenger which neutralizes corrosion-causing acids produced during normal engine operation.

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√  Improves fuel economy
√  Extends distance between oil changes

√  Prolongs engine and transmission life
√  Reduces vibration
√  Quiets engine and transmission
√  Increases usable horsepower


64 oz
Defrictionizes a Semi-Truck Engine & Transmission or
16 Auto Engines*
.... 32 oz
8 Auto Engines*
.... 16 oz
4 Auto Engines*
.... 4 oz
1 Auto Engine*
  * Auto engine with a capacity of five quarts oil or less.  For vehicles with larger oil reservoirs, the mixture rate is one ounce NMF to one quart oil.
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