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NMF Friction Reducer provides unparalleled efficiency.

GUARANTEE: NMF drops temperatures in your engine, transmission, differentials and hubs lower than you have ever seen them or your money back. 

SCIENTIFIC EXPLANATION: http://youtu.be/cFVXUJ7ZZHk (video). NMF reverses the always-present electrical relationship in machines from positive-negative (attractive and frictional) to negative-negative (repelling and non-frictional). 

√  Cool temperatures
√  Less wear
√  Extended oil life
√  Smoother shifting
√ Fuel savings
√  Reduced vibration, noise, and blow-by
√  More pulling power

SAFE:  NMF contains no solid particles, leaves zero residue, and prevents corrosion.  NMF is safe for even automatic transmissions and motorcycle wet clutches.  It will not cause slippage.

ECONOMICAL: NMF extends the life of any oil.  For example, in a semi truck conventional oil should still be good at 40,000 miles.  For your peace of mind, GoNMF will pay for your oil analysis.  Semi trucks in the USA and Canada 8% fuel efficiency improvement or money back.

WEAR-TEST PROVEN: ASTM D4172 is the standard measurement of friction reduction trusted by SAE engineers.  Petro Lubricant Labs of Lafayette New Jersey conducted ASTM D4172 on Shell Rotella T 15W40 without and with NMF. NMF improved the wear-resistance performance of Rotella T by 22% and reduced the overall friction co-efficient by 36.6%. That level of friction reduction cannot be found anywhere else in the transportation industry.  GoNMF guarantees that NMF will improve the wear resistance performance of your oil by at least 10%.

RACE PROVEN: Racing magnifies the stresses on a vehicle.  The ChampTruck World Series is the premier truck racing organization in the United States with partipants also from Europe. ChampTruck race teams use NMF. View reports beginning at time hack 13:54 in this video.


Questions?  Please call me at 844-763-7250.

Joe Lehnerd
Lieutenant Colonel (retired) U.S. Air Force


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