ASTM Testing
8% fuel savings or money back

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If your fleet isn't using NMF Ionic Friction Reducer, friction is unnecessarily costing you thousands of dollars per year, per truck.

Scientifically unique and unparalleled in performance, only NMF  eliminates the root cause of harmful and costly friction.

NMF reverses the always-present electrical relationship in machines from negative-positive (attractive and frictional) to negative-negative (repelling and non-frictional).  

The result is unmatched efficiency in engines, transmissions, differentials, gear boxes, hydraulics, radiators, power steering, fifth wheels, and hubs.

NMF is safe to use and prevents corrosion.

√  Improves fuel economy
√  Extends distance between oil changes

√  Prolongs engine and transmission life
√  Reduces vibration
√  Quiets engine and transmission
√  Increases usable horsepower

64 oz
Defrictionizes a Semi-Truck Engine & Transmission or
16 Auto Engines*
.... 32 oz
8 Auto Engines*
.... 16 oz
4 Auto Engines*
.... 4 oz
1 Auto Engine*
  * Auto engine with a capacity of five quarts oil or less.  For vehicles with larger oil reservoirs, the mixture rate is one ounce NMF to one quart oil.