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Every vehicle contends with costly friction that degrades performance and wears out parts.  Scientifically unique, only NMF eliminates the root cause of most friction.

The natural state in machines is a bonding (positive-negative) electrical relationship which draws parts together in harmful wear and causes residue to adhere to parts.  NMF converts that relationship into one which is repelling (negative-negative).

Although NMF doesn't employ a magnetic field, magnets offer a useful analogy.  Opposite charges attract and same charges repel.  NMF generates same-charging by releasing electrons when it comes into contact with a mechanical or fluid frictional field.  NMF impregnates metal and establishes a repelling barrier.    Click here for a scientific explanation.

The results of using NMF are unmatched efficiency as friction is removed and clean parts as residue is repelled away.  Compare the performance of NMF with that of any product. We offer several guarantees.
Engine  •  Fuel   •   Hydraulics  •  Transmission  •  Differentials   •  Hubs
  Radiator   •   Power Steering   •  Greased Joints   •  Chains  •  Shaft gears
Reduced wear  •  Clean parts   •  Lower temperatures  •  Longer parts life   

Improved efficiency  •  Smooth shifting   •  Extended oil  •   Less vibration
NMF repels away residue, leaving it suspended in the base lubricant.   Within a few hundred miles parts are clean.  

Trouble Maker Tractor Pulling Team of Ashland, Ohio (left) told us they were amazed at how clean their 1975 tractor became. Click for video.  At 1:51 is a segment on cleaning.  
For a fully-treated semi truck we offer a fuel savings or money-back guarantee. Because many factors affect fuel consumption, we can make no guarantees in regards to other vehicle types.  
A key benefit of NMF™ is that it extends the life of any conventional or synthetic oil. Here is what you will observe: because of the cleaning function, the first oil change after applying NMF will be unusually dirty. After changing that dirty oil and adding fresh NMF, your vehicle will enjoy all the benefits of healthy oil and clean, defrictionized parts.  As an example of oil longevity, while conventional oil in a semi truck is normally changed every 10,000-15,000 miles with NMF it should still be good at 40,000 miles -- just change the oil filter at 15,000 and 30,000 miles.    You keep the money that would have gone into the two oil changes you didn’t need.  Click for details.  

Uncomfortable with the idea of going beyond your normal oil change interal?  No problem -- we understand.  Oil analysis reports provide peace of mind by showing the status of your oil.  If you're a trucker who would like to extend the use of your oil, please contact us about our free OIL ANALYSIS PROGRAM.
NMF will not void a vehicle warranty; unlike harmful additives which leave behind residue or even clog filters, NMF contains no solid particles, leaves no residue, and prevents corrosion. NMF will not cause slippage in automatic transmissions and motorcycle wet clutches. 
The ASTM D4172 Four Ball Friction Test is the SAE engineer-trusted standard measurement of friction reduction. Petro Lubricant Labs of Lafayette, NJ tested Shell Rotella T 15W40 without and with NMF. NMF improved wear resistance by 22% and reduced the overall friction co-efficient by 36.6%.  

Evaluate NMF yourself with ASTM D4172.  If NMF doesn't improve the wear resistance of your oil by 10% we'll reimburse your laboratory costs.   
Spanning over 40 races of the CHAMPTRUCK WORLD SERIES (ChampTruck.us.com) 2015, Class-8 big rig race trucks used NMF while friction- and residue-related measurements were being taken.

CHAMPTRUCK leadership offers this assessment:  "ChampTruck World Series race teams using NMF experienced significant temperature reductions, less wear and cleaner engines."

Some measurement reports begin at 13:54 of this video.  Example results:
  • Team 31 (Morgan Hill, CA) engine temperature drop from 198°F to 180°F
  • Optima Batteries Racing (Milwaukee, WI) transmission temperature drop from 182°F to 160°F
  • Exodus Diesel Racing (Mooresville, NC) power steering pump temperature drop from 226°F to 186°F
Neither CHAMPTRUCK® nor any race team received any compensation – only free NMF.

HOW TO APPLY NMF (Click for videos)

  • SEMI TRUCKS AND BUSES: 2 x 64oz bottles for initial treatment, later much less. 1 oz per quart of oil in engine, 16 oz in transmission, 12 oz in each differential, 1 oz each in radiator, power steering, hubs, and 5th wheel grease.
  • CARS AND SMALL TRUCKS: 1 oz per quart of oil in engine, 5 oz in manual transmission, 3 oz in automatic transmission, 1 oz each in radiator and power steering, and 1 oz per quart of oil in differentials.
  • MOTORCYCLES: 1 oz per quart of oil in engine, primary gear box, hypoid gears for the drive shaft, and several drops to the chain.   Safe for wet clutches; will not cause slippage.


QUESTIONS?  Please call 844-763-7250 or email.

Happy motoring!

Joe Lehnerd
Lieutenant Colonel (retired), U.S. Air Force

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