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GUARANTEES: NMF (1) Reduces wear and heat to your satisfaction or money back, (2) cleans engine and fuel injectors to your satisfaction or money back, (3) for fully-treated semi trucks, improves fuel efficiency 8% or money back, (4) on ASTM D4172 using your own oil NMF reduces wear by at least 10% or money back.   OTHER BENEFITS: NMF extends oil life, eases gear shifting, prolongs engine and transmission life, reduces vibration and noise, increases usable horsepower, and protects against dry starts.

ASTM WEAR TEST PROVEN: ASTM D4172 is the standard measurement of friction reduction trusted by SAE engineers. Petro Lubricant Labs of Lafayette New Jersey conducted ASTM D4172 on Shell Rotella T 15W40 without and with NMF. NMF improved the wear-resistance performance of Rotella T by 22% and reduced the overall friction co-efficient by 36.6%.

RACE TEST PROVEN: Spanning over 40 races of the ChampTruck® World Series (ChampTruck.us.com) 2015 season, Class-8, big-rig race trucks used NMF while friction- and residue-related measurements were being taken.  John Condren, ChampTruck® CEO, provided this assessment: "ChampTruck World Series race teams using NMF experienced significant temperature reductions, less wear and cleaner engines."  ChampTruck received no compensation – only free NMF for the race teams.

Without any form of compensation besides free NMF, the following race teams participated in the NMF performance evaluation: Jupiter Motorsports (Weaverville, NC), Minimizer Racing (Blooming Prairie, MN), Exodus Diesel Racing (Mooresville, NC), and Team 31, Inc. (Morgan Hill, CA) and Optima Batteries Racing (Milwaukee, WI).  Some measurement reports begin at 13:54 of this video.

MECHANISM (See https://goo.gl/ou9Ylh for detailed explanation): Unlike other products, NMF does not coat parts with a slippery liquid or solid particles in an attempt to merely cover up the symptoms of friction. NMF addresses the root cause of most friction, which is a attractive and bonding positive-negative electrical relationship. NMF reverses that relationship into one which is negative-negative (repelling and non-frictional). The result is unmatched efficiency and clean parts as residue is repelled. 

SAFE: NMF contains no solid particles, leaves zero residue, and prevents corrosion.  NMF is safe for even automatic transmissions and motorcycle wet clutches.  It will not cause slippage.

HOW TO APPLY NMF (click links for videos): 

SEMI TRUCKS AND BUSES: 2 x 64oz bottles for initial treatment, later much less. 1 oz per quart of oil in engine, 16 oz in transmission, 12 oz in each differential, 1 oz each in radiator, power steering, hubs, and 5th wheel grease.
CARS AND SMALL TRUCKS: 1 oz per quart of oil in engine, 5 oz in manual transmission, 3 oz in automatic transmission, 1 oz each in radiator and power steering, and 1 oz per quart of oil in differentials.
MOTORCYCLES: 1 oz per quart of oil in engine, primary gear box, hypoid gears for the drive shaft, and several drops to the chain.   Safe for wet clutches; will not cause slippage.

QUESTIONS?  Please call 844-763-7250 or email me.

Joe Lehnerd
Lieutenant Colonel (retired), U.S. Air Force

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