Earn Money as an Affiliate

Earn a 15% commission referring customers to this website! GoNMF.com provides you a link you can share by text, email, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, website, etc.  When a customer buys NMF using your link you receive a commission.  At the end of the month we pay you via PayPal. You can also choose to be paid with 20 x GoNMF Reward Points.


Sign up for a GoNMF.com account by clicking this link. Once you’re done, logout.

Now register as an affiliate by clicking this link. It will ask for your SSN and website. You don’t need to enter your real SSN. Any numbers will do. If you have a website, enter it. If you don’t, enter GoNMF.com. Logout.

Your affiliate website embed code

You’ll receive an approval email. Login and click on My Account. Next to Affiliate Statistics click on View Details. In the first box under My Links will be a code. That code is what you embed into your website. It will look something like this: <a href="http://www.shop.gonmf.com/?AffId=2">Click here to visit GoNMF</a>

Your affiliate link for sharing through text, email, etc.

Your link for emailing or texting to people is the portion of the above link inside the quotes. In the above example the share link is http://www.shop.gonmf.com/?AffId=2