About NMF



You put hard-earned dollars into NMF.

Your purchase comes with the following guarantees: 

(1) NMF reduces wear and heat to your satisfaction or money back 

(2) NMF cleans the engine to your satisfaction or money back 

(3) If used in fuel, NMF cleans the injectors to your satisfaction or money back 

(4) Fully-treated semi truck only — NMF improves fuel efficiency or money back.  More detail is at this link. 

(5) On test ASTM D4172 (click here for overview) NMF improves the wear resistance of whatever oil you use by at least 15% or we’ll pay your laboratory fees. 

It is extremely rare to hear that NMF has not performed as expected.  If this happens with you, please just tell me and we’ll process your refund.  I will be thankful for whatever information you can share such as vehicle type and condition, workload, and the oil you use.  This information is unrelated to your refund.  It is to help my team stay abreast of customers’ results under various conditions and to consider why in your case the benefits of NMF weren’t apparent.

Again, thank you, and happy motoring! 

Joe Lehnerd
Lieutenant Colonel (retired), U.S. Air Force
Owner, GoNMF

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