Caesars Truck Racing
Truck # 16 in the Bandit Big Rig Series

Owner: Mihály Császár
Driver: Bendegúz Molnár

Origin - Hungary
Garaging - with Jupiter Motorsports in Weaverville, North Carolina

The origin of our team goes back to the European Truck Racing Series which has more than a 30-year history. Mihály is a former race engineer with a Hungarian truck racing team which won the European Champion Title in 2014 and 2015. After several successful seasons in road course racing, we are now competing in the Bandit Big Rig Series where we are the current points leader. Here is a nice article on driver Bendegúz Molnár.

Our truck was originally built for the Champ Truck series back in 2015, for road course racing, designed and built by Mihály Császár race engineer (current owner of the team) and Péter Mészáros chief mechanic. Since the truck is competing in the Bandit Big Rig Series, we have modified it for short track oval racing. The engine is a completely custom-made Volvo D13, able to produce 1000 HP and 3475 ft.lbs (4700 Nm). It has a fully synchronized 16 speed ZF HD manual transmission with 0.84 final ratio. The drivetrain is tuned to reach 100 MPH on short oval tracks but with a ratio change can reach 200+ MPH if it’s necessary. The truck is equipped with a fully customizable data acquisition system which provides the best base ground for R&D. We can monitor almost everything on the truck such as break temperatures, engine temp, oil and fuel pressures, brake system pressures at several individual measurement points with high accuracy sensors or even suspension movements with additional interfaces.  We offer truck parts manufacturers a superior testing environment for quick and efficient parts testing.