Ben Riekkola

1988 Peterbilt 3406 CAT Engine

I drive a 1988 Peterbilt with a 3406B Model CAT engine. We haul nursery stalk out to the Midwest … Nebraska, over to Indiana and Michigan areas, and Kansas. About 2000-2300 trips about six months of the year and the rest of the time we haul locally in the Northwest and we haul forest products out of the Cascade Mountains during the Fall. We use the trucks pretty hard when we’re up in the mountains. I started using the No-Mor Friction product in my oil just a little less than a year ago, and I noticed a marked difference. A little less engine noise and less vibration. It was a noticeable difference in both. Also and just the feel of it. It just felt like the truck had a little more power and moving with a little bit more ease. And in especially in my case this CAT engine has over 1.3 million miles on it without an overhaul, and it was starting to worry me. It was getting noisier. A lot of blow-by. So I wanted to try No-Mor Friction to see if I could keep the thing going another year or so. And I really believe it has helped. And after I saw Charles’ demonstration with the drill press especially and with the way the No-Mor Friction reduces heat and friction in the drill bit and the round stock metal block just amazed me. And I had no doubt it would help my engine and it has. I’m going to continue using it and put in the gear boxes and I’m going to try the fuel enhancer. And if anyone wanted to call me, the best way would be 208-241-7098. And that’s my cell phone. Thank you very much.
— Ben Riekkola, Trucker