We work hard for our sponsors

What can DVR do for your company?

We will promote your company as if it was our own. Specifically, we will

  • Seek out people and let them know what your company offers

  • Distribute your promotional pamphlets and marketing material to bystanders that approach our team with questions

  • Attend any event you want us to participate in

  • Tag and include you on all race-related posts throughout all social media platforms

What can you do for DVR?

With your help we can provide more opportunities to our nations heroes. Our biggest challenges now are establishing our 501c and financing the costs of vehicle maintenance and support travel/logistics for at-risk veterans.

How will your donations be used?

• Emergency Fund for DVR members that may be going through a rough spot and need financial assistance or access to higher levels of care
• Flights for Veterans outside of California to participate in a DVR event
• Hotel Accommodations for veterans during DVR events
• Maintenance on the race vehicles
• Race Vehicle Payments
• Fuel
• Food for the team
• Safety equipment
• Marketing material

Thank you in advance for helping create a supportive atmosphere for veterans at risk.

You can donate here:

To learn more about DVR and sponsorship, please click here to message DVR founder Mike Pascarella through our Facebook page.