Jim Page

Freightliner Classic CAT 550 Engine Hauling 9-Car Trailer

I have been hauling cars for 14 years and for 3 years as an owner operator. I drive a Freightliner Classic and I have a 550 CAT engine in that for the power. And I haul a full 9-car car-hauling trailer on that and I’m fully loaded most of the time. Before using No-Mor Friction I used to get 4-5 miles per gallon, usually never over 5 miles to the gallon, especially fully loaded. And after putting No-Mor Friction metal conditioner in I’ve gotten 6 miles to the gallon or better consistently. I combine that metal conditioner with the No-Mor Friction fuel enhancer and I get 6-7 miles to the gallon, and sometimes even better. I estimated I saved next to $10,000 in fuel last year. Preserving my equipment and saving money at the same time. Doesn’t get any better than that.
— Jim Page, Trucker