John Fitzgerald

Diesel Road Truck, Lincoln Mark VIII

I’ve used No-Mor Friction for four years or five years I guess. And what I found with the No-Mor Friction when you add it as an oil additive in a diesel road truck it seems as though all the vibrations – it’s like you had taken the engine out and balanced it and put it back and it only took seconds to do it. And where I noticed more so than that, if you put it in the hubs and the steer axel, it seems like it like you’ve balanced your front tires and put them back on there. But all you do is add an ounce of No-Mor Friction. I put it in all my cars at home and I’ve found that if you change the oil and warm the car up and add your ounce of No-Mor Friction per quart, for example I have several Mark VIII Lincolns, and they hold 6 quarts of oil. So you put six ounces in there, in the crank case. And when you have the motor warmed up after you change your oil and you add your six ounces of No-Mor Friction and you stand there with your hand on the fender, you can feel the vibration go completely out of the vehicle. It’s amazing. And when you watch the test with the drill press and the friction thing in the hole. I’ve done that myself and there’s no gimmick there. It’s a fact. It works. Anyway, thank you. John Fitzgerald, Montello Wisconsin.
— John Fitzgerald, Trucker