John Wayne Pickens

Dodge 2000 1-Ton

I added No-Mor Friction the engine and differential on a Dodge 2000 1-ton and the first thing that I noticed. I drove a 100 miles and got to low speed and made a corner and accelerated and the first thing that I noticed was what I didn’t have was a lot of vibration. It was smooth is all I can say it was just smooth. It is just great. I put it in my 4-cylinder motor tractor and it has just taken the vibration out. I can’t say what it will do for fuel economy or what have you. But it has a whole lot less vibration. Just fantastic stuff. I’ve got a 97’ Ford ¾ ton and I’ve just put No-Mor Friction in it and I think it’s going to make a world of difference in that truck. The first time out the way it increased my fuel economy was quite a doggone bit. I change the differential and put 373 gears in it which geared it down a little bit. It had 355. That’s the first time I got a little over 20 miles per gallon running empty for about 100 and something miles. After I put the 373 gears in it 18 mpg was about as good as it got, but with No-Mor Friction I got 21 this particular time. So I know that it’s going to increase my fuel economy some. But this stuff is just phenomenal. Lawn mower, tractor, everything I’ve got has got it in it. I put it in mama’s car, her fuel economy has come up. Put it in her differential and transmission and the engine, and she drives back and forth to work about 30 miles per day, and her fuel economy has come up also. I know this stuff is great. It just gets smooth. It’s the only product that I know – I know – you can just feel the difference. And I thank you very much. Ya’ll have a good day.
— John Wayne Pickens, Trucker