Josh Jamison

1990 379 Classic Pete with a 4 ¼ C-Model CAT

I drive a 1990 379 Classic Pete with a 4 ¼ C-Model CAT, full flat bad. I usually gross around 79,000 pounds. I have No-Mor Friction metal conditioner mixed in the oil. And I use a bypass oil-filter system along with it. And the reason I use that is so I can keep that No-Mor Friction in my engine at all times. I don’t have to use a lot of it. I just change my filters. Then I add make-up oil and No-Mor Friction metal conditioner, so I’m saving on oil and metal conditioner. So I change my oil once at year at that. I’ve got right at 350,000 miles on my truck. When I first started driving this truck I could only get about 41/2 to 5 miles per gallon. Now I’m getting right at 6 miles average and I can get 7 to 71/2 on flat ground. Running empty I’ve actually got 8 miles per gallon. It’s pretty unusual, in fact it’s unbelievable. It’s almost unheard of. But I can do it. I’ve got a lot more power. And if you use that fuel enhancer it gives you a lot of power. Makes your engine run smoother. The oil enhancer makes your engine run smoother. This CAT is unbelievable in how it runs smooth. It just purrs. And it’s a good thing. I strongly recommend the No-Mor Friction. It’s worth the money. If it’s not saving you money on fuel it’s definitely saving you money on the wear and tear on your engine. It’s really good stuff. Try it. Thanks a lot.
— Josh Jamison, Trucker