Justin Lee

CAT 3406E Engine

We are over-the-road truck drivers. I use No-Mor Friction in both my semi-truck and automobiles and I really highly recommend it. We have a CAT 3406E engine. It’s rated at 475 horsepower. I put the product in and it quieted the engine down drastically. I can go further between oil changes. When I do my oil analysis is looks great. I’ve had people remark about my pickup truck, wondering what I did to it because before I applied No-Mor Friction it was really quite a loud engine. After I applied it all I can hear is the tires going down the road. I can’t even hear the engine. I’ve used it in my transmission it quieted it down. It’s really a great product. Lowers my operating temperatures. I really recommend it. Thank you.
— Justin Lee, Trucker