Mianna Wick

Delta, Colorado

Mianna Wick is an IndyCar driver. She drives vintage races mostly at High Plains Raceway. Mianna’s father raced motocross when he was young, and he brought racing into Mianna’s life. He built a go-kart for the family to drive on asphalt, and Mianna fell in love with the sport. Mianna has been driving since 2006 and racing since 2010. Outside of racing, Mianna is passionate about physical fitness. She first entered fitness as a way to get stronger and help sharpen her competitive edge in racing. Now, Mianna has taken it a step further and is an online fitness coach and instructor at her local gym.

One of the most challenging aspects of racing for Mianna is having patience with the process of moving up the racing ladder. Sometimes it is difficult to know if she is taking the best approach. Navigating the path requires patience and faith.

It is pretty easy to notice that faith is a big part of Mianna's racing. Inscribed on her helmet is the Bible verse, Hebrews 11:1. On her shirts and car and trailer you can see the letter LBF, which stand for Living By Faith. Mianna devotes as much time as she can time to her local community and church.