Nick Worthen

T2000 2001 Semi-Tractor

I drive a T2000 2001 semi-tractor. I’ve got a 515. I started using No-Mor Friction metal conditioner January 30th of 2005 added it to my crank case and it increased my oil pressure and horsepower of my truck and it ran cooler. I ran that and I was so impressed with it that I picked up some No-Mor Friction fuel enhancement added it to my fuel and I increased total of a little over 2.1 miles per gallon. After that I added the metal conditioner to my differentials, and my differentials run cooler. I’m very impressed with this. I really recommend it to anyone to invest in putting it into your motors because it will make the truck last longer, your differentials last longer. I have samples of the oil afterwards of the oil changes, and it still comes up good. I don’t really need to change it. I’ve run an extra 5000 to 8000 extra miles on my oil. It saves me quite a bit on the end. I have bought a total of 5 gallons of metal conditioner. I have given some to my friends and they are very impressed with it. I had another friend who a trouble with a transmission heating up too much on a tractor on a farm. I got a gallon and let him try it on that tractor. He is very impressed with that. And the fuel enhancement I feel is an excellent excellent – actually all of it – is an excellent product. I recommend it to anybody. Any drivers of any vehicle. You can call me at 815-509-2525 just ask for Nick and I can explain to you more. I mean I have gotten excellent performance out of it. I have jumped quite a bit on fuel. As far as increasing power I mean I used to lose a lot of power for climbing hills. I used to drop 3-5 gears depending on the weight of the load. Now with this I’m lucky if I drop two. I mean it really increases my horsepower, by adding to the differentials and crankcase, stuff like that. If you have any questions. Please give me a call. Just ask for Nick. 815-509-2525. Because I really am impressed with it and I recommend it to any driver of any vehicle.
— Nick Worthen, Trucker