Dear Walmart Customer,

Thank you for this opportunity to serve you with NMF Ionic Friction Reducer.

Please feel free to contact us any time. We cherish our personal relationship with customers. The Walmart communications system doesn’t work, so please don’t reply to emails you receive through the Walmart system. We will not be able to receive them. Please call us at 844-763-7250 or email us at

(1) NMF reduces wear and heat to your satisfaction or money back
(2) NMF cleans your engine to your satisfaction or your money back
(3) If used in the fuel NMF cleans your fuel injectors to your satisfaction or money back
(4) For a fully-treated semi truck NMF improves fuel efficiency or money back
(5) On ASTM D4172 NMF improves wear-resistance of your own oil by 10% or money back
You put hard-earned money into NMF; if you aren't gettng the results you expect, please tell me.


APPLYING NMF: Add NMF to the normal amount of oil; there is no need to make room for it. Once the NMF is activated, it will not consume volume. Apply just the recommended amount (using more isn’t better).
* Friction is required for piston ring seating; apply NMF after break-in *
Detailed application information, according to vehicle, is at this link:

- Powerstroke 6.0Ls have a problematic defect that you should consider before applying NMF. Please read the caution at this link: The information is also in the Questions and Answers document included with your shipment.
- Not for continuous variable transmissions (CVT)
- NMF cleans compartments where it is applied. This is usually a welcomed benefit. However, there may be circumstances in which you may not want a cleaning. For example, if you have a very old vehicle with worn out seals, sometimes sludge buildup on the seals is the only thing preventing leakage. If you clean the seals, which NMF will do, the sludge will be gone and leaking may occur. Please consider this before using NMF. 



MOTORSPORTS SPONSORSHIPS: If you race and would like sponsorship, please let us know. More information is on the "Motorsports" tab of the website. We sponsor teams ranging from world class to small local teams. We especially enjoy sponsoring small family-operated teams with kids involved. They love getting the stickers, etc. REWARDS PROGRAM: Create an account at and with every purchase earn points toward free NMF as follows:

- Purchase hat: 25 points
- Purchase Tshirt: 25 points
- Register as customer: 50 points
- Signup for newsletter: 50 points
- Signup as an Affiliate: 50 points
- Purchase 16 oz bottle: 50 points
- Purchase 32 oz bottle: 100 points
- Purchase 64 oz bottle: 200 points
- Purchase 5-gallon bucket: 1500 points

Redeem Rewards Points for free products:
- Hat: 150 points
- 16 oz bottle: 500 points
- 32 oz bottle: 1000 points
- 64 oz bottle: 2000 points
- 5-gallon bucket: 15,000 points

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Again, thank you for this opportunity to serve you. Happy motoring!

Joe Lehnerd
Lieutenant Colonel (retired), U.S. Air Force
Owner, GoNMF